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Hello.  My name is Jacob Nelson.  I am the owner of runRALEIGHrun.  I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1977.  However, I was primarily raised, and spent most of my "formative years", in central Illinois.  After going to college amongst the beautiful wooded rolling hills of southern Illinois (a runner's "paradise"), it was off to graduate school in Auburn, Alabama.  Most of my professional career has been spent in southern Colorado.  I have been a fast-food cook, cafeteria worker, land-scaper, research scientist, fish farmer, and public high school science teacher.

All of my adult life though, there has been one true constant.......running.  I love running!  It has given me so much (health, energy, new friends, closer friends, new sights & memories of natural wonders, focus, drive, confidence, perseverance, pride, discipline and perspective).  I hope my knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm will help it become a similar aspect of YOUR life.

My personal mission has greatly influenced that of my company.  I started runRALEIGHrun to share the benefits, joys, and experiences that running has blessed me with.  I also wanted to do something truly influential, productive and positive.  Finally, I wanted to pursue a career that I enjoy, have considerable experience in, and am "good" at (or so I've been told ).