runRALEIGHrunTM                    719-480-2930

  • Individual one-on-one truly personalized instruction is $30/hour
  • Pairs of two are $25/person/hour
  • Groups of 3-5 are $15/person/hour.  Families are welcome, but there is a limit of 5 participants per session please.
  • Successfully completed programs typically last 10 weeks and require 5 sessions (8 hours of instruction)
    • Pay "as you go" per session OR pay larger installments to cover future sessions
    • 10% discount for paying in advance!
  • We do NOT offer billing.  Payment is expected at the time of services.  We accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards.
    • 5% discount for cash!
  • Children in strollers are free!
  • Dogs are welcome!
    • We do offer separate dog-running services (click on the paw to find out more)

Most sessions last 1-2 hours and there is a minimum charge of $35 per appointment.  If you wish to cancel, you must contact us at least 12 hours before your scheduled appointment.  Failure to do so will result in a $25 charge (cancellation fee) to cover opportunity costs and other expenses.
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