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  1. 10 year training partner of former Olympic Class and current World Class Masters runner Chuck Smead (Silver Medalist in the marathon at the 1975 Mexico City Pan Am Games, 2x NCAA 10K champion, 4 time Pikes Peak Ascent half-marathon champion, winner of various US and European mountain races, current US record holder for the 50K and high school marathon)
  2. Colorado high school track and cross country coach -Rocky Ford High School; Rocky Ford, CO (State Champions in 2007, 2008, 2009)
  3. Instructor of chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy & physiology
  4. Bachelors and Masters degrees in the biological sciences (focus on metabolism, nutrition, biochemistry, environment, growth and development)
  5. Red Cross certified in First Aid, CPR & AED
  6. Certified coach (Colorado CHSA)
  7. Masters degree in education and 6 years teaching high school science in Colorado
  8. Licensed professional teacher (FBI and State Police background checked -including fingerprints)
  9. Overall open winner of several "small town" races (5K-10Ks).  Even a triathlon!
  10. 18 year recreational runner who passionately believes that outdoor jogging/running is underrated as both a sport and as an integral part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle   

To summarize, in regards to anything running/jogging related,  we've "been there and done that".  We know what works and what doesn't.  Let us help guide you towards the "facts" around the "pitfalls" and away from the "fiction".  How often should I buy new shoes?  What kind of stretches are best?  What type of shoes should I buy?  I have trouble breathing after only 1/2 mile...why?  How come my heels hurt?  I have a 5K race in 4 weeks; what would be a reasonable finish time to "shoot for" and what would be a safe and effective training program for me to accomplish that goal?  or  NEXT