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Many dogs today, just as people, don't get enough rigorous exercise.  This can lead to a host of health related issues -not just obesity.  Dogs are born to run; not only their bodies, but their brains too.  There is still a little bit of "wild animal" in them.  Dogs that don't get enough exercise, similar to a caged animal, develop certain anxieties that often manifest themselves as "bad behaviors".  These bad behaviors include, but are not limited to, unwanted chewing, whining, digging, clawing, jumping, "potty", restlessness and aggressiveness.  As evidence of this, in recent years, the pet pharmaceutical industry has grown exponentially -especially in the area of psychotherapeutic medications.

Owners are often aware of the connection, but are too busy, or out of shape, to run their dog/s.  A popular option is using a bike to run Fido; however, many discover that bikes, dogs, leashes, other critters and traffic don't mix.  Another option is "doggy-day-cares", but they vary in quality.  Crowded conditions and under-staffing, at some of these facilities, can mean your pet may still not be getting the proper amount of exercise.  Some people are considerate enough to regularly walk their animal (or have it walked).  And while walking the pooch is better than nothing, the soaring number of obese and mentally unstable dogs clearly show that all of these efforts are not enough.  We all love animals, and our IKEA furniture, so please run your dog/s!

We have years of dog-running, biological science, and physical training experience.  Trust us to safely and effectively run your dog/s.  There are several scheduling and payment options available.  As always, we'll come to you....or in this case....your dog.