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Our services support a broad range of body-types, ages, abilities and goals.  We are qualified to help everyone from the novice and intermediate joggers to mid-level runners.  Our focus is encouraging more people to use outdoor recreational jogging/running to promote life-long health, happiness and general well being.  Further, we can also help the mid-level runner achieve those elusive PRs.  Just to clarify, we define a mid-level runner as a person who enters 2-4 races/yr and consistently runs at a 7-8 min/mile pace.

Our services are best suited for....
  • Those wanting to start jog-walking, jogging or running
  • Those already jogging/running but are looking for ways to make it more pleasurable and effective
  • Those who have had a health professional tell them to "lose weight and exercise more" but don't know where to begin
  • Those who committed to doing a 5K, 10K, Tough MudderTM (12 mile) or half-marathon (13.1) race and now feel they're in over their head
  • Those mid-level runners who want to whittle down their race times and really start picking up the pace
So, whether is is losing weight, maintaining health, improving fitness, relieving stress, reducing your meds, getting off your meds, doing a 5K, a 10K, a Tough MudderTM (12 miler) or improving your pace and lowering race times, runRALEIGHrun will customize a program for you.

What we are NOT, as many running clubs and coaches are, is an elite training program for "semi-pro" competitive runners.  To clarify, we define "semi-pro" competitive runners as those circuit racers who compete every other weekend and consistently train at sub 6:30 min/mile pace.  Also, we are not prepared to help those with serious health problems such as morbid obesity or complicated heart and lung diseases.  If you are on any medications, or have a family history of disease, you should consult a physician before starting our exercise program. 

Lastly, we are NOT providers of walking instruction.  Walking is a very simple, straight-forward and "fool-proof" activity.  We do not believe anyone should be forking over hard-earned money to receive walking consultation.  Just go out and'll be fine!  or NEXT