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HOW DOES IT WORK? (scroll down to see flowchart & additional services)
  1. You contact us and we'll discuss your situation.
  2. If the decision is made to move forward, we will schedule an appointment (session 1).
  3. runRALEIGHrun will come to your house, or any place you feel comfortable meeting, and we will go for a jog/run!  This will serve as your initial fitness evaluation.  We will also examine your stride, gait & foot strike patterns.  Further, we will instruct you on proper shoes, clothing, simple stretching, warm-up methods, workouts, form, technique, breathing, pacing, cool-downs and elementary pain management.
  4. Then, based on the results of your fitness evaluation, we will set some realistic starting goals (specific for time and/or distance) and assign you appropriate workouts to achieve those goals.
  5. Finally, be prepared to schedule additional sessions to analyze your progress and conduct guided fitness tests (sessions 2 - 5).  For best results, these should take place at 2 - 3 week intervals.  In the beginning, it is beneficial to be closely monitored  -so proper adjustments can be made and any problems can be dealt with....EARLY!  NO long-term committments are required; payment and scheduling can be done on a per-session basis. 
    • These performances will be used to gradually expand your goals and generate customized workouts that will be safe, effective, challenging, and fun.  Also, expect to spend some time learning and practicing "runner-friendly" calisthenics combined with plyometrics.  Lastly, we will introduce you to our "Athlete Maker".  This consists of fast-paced high-energy resistance training and core exercises.  It is designed to build strength, endurance, speed and flexibility for the mid to long-distance jogger/runner.
From this point on, now 10 weeks into our program, regularly scheduled visits will taper off significantly.  For the most part, future sessions will take place by appointment only.  After all, you should be well on your way to becoming a life-long self-sufficient runner.  Enjoy your new skill!  Of course, we recommend using our stand alone products/services anytime to help YOU achieve YOURgoals.  These include our "Running Buddy", "Athlete Maker" and "Chaos Theory" programs.  (scroll down to see these additional services)


For optimal results, you may occasionally want to hire one of our "running buddies" to exercise right along-side you.  These are well trained and experienced runners who will ensure that you are doing the prescribed workouts correctly and motivate you to finish them -everyone knows it's easier to "cheat" when you're alone!  Note that our "running buddies" are always willing to share a wealth of tips, "tricks", advice and ideas.  Further, while all of the assigned workouts can be performed "right out your front door", our "running buddies" are well aware of the best local places to do these types of workouts.  These alternate meeting locations may consist of nearby public trails, tracks, paths, fields and parks.  Though convenience is important, changing locations is critical to keeping the workouts varied, fresh and fun.

Of course, there are running clubs and groups you can run with, and we do encourage you to do so; after all, the social interaction of jogging/running is one of the best aspects of the sport.  Also, many of these clubs and groups are free!  However, keep in mind they may not have runners at your level/pace, they may not offer the expertise, experience and personal level of service we do, and they definitely WILL NOT schedule around you.

Health experts say it is a good idea to incorporate strength training into any exercise program; at runRALEIGHrun.....we agree!  That is why we encourage you to schedule a full "Athlete Maker" session with us anytime.  We'll even bring the gym to you!  We have a mobile supply of medicine balls, kettle bells, weight plates, "Navy ship ropes" and resistance bands.  Expect a steady dose of fast-paced
high-energy resistance training and core exercises.  While our "Athlete Maker" will not "beef you up" for the NFL, it is designed to build strength, endurance, speed and flexibility for the mid to long-distance jogger/runner.  Having toned skeletal muscle helps prevent injury while increasing both performance and "sedentary calorie burn" (basal metabolism).  Well-rounded athletes know the secret....cardio work is only half the battle!

Variability is one of the key aspects of any successful exercise/training program.  Doing nearly the same thing over and over is one of the leading causes of boredom, injury and program abandonment.  Jogging/running is no different.  What better way to keep things "fresh" and "unpredictable" than adding a little "chaos" to the mix; well, "controlled chaos" anyway.  This plan utilizes an assortment of different training techniques that we'll demonstrate and help you get started with.   These can include, but are not limited to, fartlek runs, calisthenics, intervals, hill repeats, Iglois and plyometrics.  You're not quite sure what you're gonna get when we show up....and that's exactly the point!  It could be "easy" it could be "hard".  The best part though, besides adding to YOUR overall jogging/running repertoire, is that it counts as one of YOUR assigned workouts!


To show our dedication and level of service, all active clients receive FREE online and phone consultation.  If you have any questions or problems at all...DO NOT QUIT!  Contact us; most issues can be fixed over the phone or e-mail.  On rare occasions, it may necessary to make an unscheduled "check-up", and re-evaluate, so we can make safe effective adjustments to keep YOU on track towards accomplishing YOURgoals.

Our motivation, our passion, and our mission is turning you into a life-long self-sufficient outdoor jogger/runner, an enthusiast of the sport, and an overall healthier person (both physically and mentally).
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