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Nothing is inherently wrong with walking.  After all, it's better than having no exercise program.  However, this very argument hints to its main shortcoming.....walking just doesn't require a lot of energy.  And because it requires so little energy, it is not very efficient at burning calories or improving cardiovascular health -especially when compared to jogging, running or even "jog-walking".

Note that jogging and running can burn up to 4x more calories/hour!
1  Put another way, you'd have to walk four hours to gain the same benefits as running for one hour.  That is why many walkers continue to be overweight and suffer from the related adverse health effects.  In fact, people find that the only way they can really manage to lose weight while walking is to significantly reduce calorie intake as well.  Meanwhile, joggers/runners discover they don't have to diet nearly as much while still experiencing weight loss and a healthier cardiovascular system.

So, advice to all those walkers out there....keep it up; walking IS good for you.  But, when you feel it's time to experience "real" change.  When you feel it's time to transition to at least more of a "jog-walk" activity.  Then please contact us.  Remember, runRALEIGHrun; when walking just isn't enough.
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