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  • Convenient:  Slap on shoes and you're out the door.....anywhere, anyplace, anytime; even while traveling or on your lunch break!  No worrying about getting to the health club or messing around with equipment.
  • Economical:  No expensive memberships or home equipment.  The outdoors is your gym!
  • Efficient:  Running/jogging burns more calories/hour than any other exercise1
  • Natural & Organic:  The human body is built to run.  Enjoy the natural environment as we were intended. 
  • Fun:  Treadmills and "jazzercising" in front of your TV gets boring and repetitive (which often leads to abandonment and injuries).  Our program is unique because it utilizes proven outdoor track and cross country training techniques.  These are specifically designed and varied to remain fresh, fun, effective and safe.  From open fields and wooded trails, to paved paths and rubber tracks, to city streets and country roads, see what outdoor jogging/running can really do for you!
    • We have a saying at runRALEIGHrun; "gyms are for rats and friends don't let friends use treadmills".  Become an outdoor runner so you can enjoy the dynamic sights, sounds and smells of a natural world that most people, unfortunately, just ignore.
  • Your Dog Wants You To:  Isn't it ridiculous when people pay good money to "hit" the gym, "to get their sweat on", and then pay someone else to walk their dog?  We think it is.  Oh, and by the way, your dog doesn't want to be walked.....he/she wants to be run!  It's amazing how a good dog-running regimen can positively change the animal's mood and behavior.  So help fight the current pet obesity and medication your dog/s!  (click on the paw to find out about our dog-running services).
  • Better Than Bikes:  There are many people who are put off by the high upfront and maintenance costs of bike ownership.  Others are rightfully wary of the high speeds and traffic involved.  Then there is the fact that there are some places bikes just can't go or aren't allowed (hiking trails, parks, fields etc.).  At runRALEIGHrun, we say "the best wheels are attached to your ankles"!
Still not convinced that jogging/running is meant to be a natural, exciting and enjoyable activity?  Then we, in the most constructive way possible, believe you are doing something wrong.  As a quick experiment, try this; next time you are at the park, take notice of all the children and dogs running around......closely watch the expressions on their faces.  Do you still conclude that jogging/running is meant to be "torture"?  or  NEXT